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Space Modules Inc.

Learn how to communicate better with customers! Stay friendly and reason with them when they are angry.

Short non-technical description: As a help desk employee at a spaceship part manufacturer, it's your job to help customers resolve their problems. To do this, you'll need to ask the right questions to get information out of them that'll allow you to find the solution. You'll also have to be friendly and manage their anger and/or impatience, otherwise they might just angrily hang up!

Technical description:

Space Modules inc. has been developed with Unity and is currently using Version 2017.4.1f1

The following RAGE Assets have been used

This game has been made open source. To see the integrations mentioned above: you can look through the source code on GitHub.

Date: Jun 18, 2018

Language: English


Game development environment: Unity

Target platform: Windows

Programming language: C#

Version: 1.0

Version notes: Public release of game on iOS and Android, in line with 2nd pilot.

Development status: Completed

Type: Apache 2.0 (Apache License 2.0)


Computers in other domains Computer games

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