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Chemistry Lab

Learn about molecules through formula quizzes and 3D structure puzzles

Short non-technical description: A chemistry virtual lab where you can walk around in the lab and solve puzzles about the formulas of given molecules or assembly the 3D structure of a molecule. The game targets on students in first classes of secondary schools.

Technical description: A Unity3D game project that belongs to the category of First Person View games. The player can walk inside a virtual lab and interact with two virtual laptops that lead to two scenes. One scene is a 2D drag-n-drop puzzle for assembly the formula of a molecule out of its name. The second scene is about assembling the 3D structure of the molecule out of its formula. It can be used by educators in secondary schools to teach about the structure and the formula of molecules. The games ends when all formulas are found and when all 3D structures are assembled.

Date: Jul 18, 2018

Language: English

Access URL:


Virtual lab




3D Structure

First Person View Game

Game development environment: Unity

Target platform: Browser

Programming language: C#

Version: 2.0

Version notes: Comments from the first pilot resulted to the second version. Sound effects, 3D models, game robustness are enhanced.

Development status: Completed

Commit URL:

Type: Apache 2.0 (Apache License 2.0)


Personal skills Recall and memorization (gaming) Find information Identify names Match objects Recognize objects
Computers in other domains Computer games
Education Distance learning E-learning Interactive learning environments

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