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Introduction to Game Design Methods

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This course is an introduction to the theory and practice of the process of designing games and playful experiences.

Course Overview

This course is an introduction to the theory and practice of the process of designing games and playful experiences. Students are familiarized with methods, concepts, techniques, and literature used in the design of games. The strategy is process-oriented, focusing on aspects such as: Rapid prototyping, play testing, and design iteration using a player-centered approach. After completing the course the student should:

  • Be familiar with the emergence of the academic study of design methods and game design.
  • Be familiar with central concepts within the field.
  • Be able to select and apply appropriate methods and techniques during different stages of the development cycle.
  • Be able to structure and conduct a game design project from conceptualization to playable prototype.
  • Be proficient in contributing to the collaborative learning and development processes.
  • Understand how design can be applied to the academic process of generating new knowledge.

Learning Activities

Students work in small project groups where they will engage with a series of confined assignments. There is an emphasis on presenting and discussing results with the student group and instructors. The weekly cycle begins with the introduction of an aspect of game design methodology and a related assignment. Students work in groups on the assignments outside of class. The cycle ends with the students presenting their work for feedback from the student group and instructors, here referred to as crit sessions.

Game Design

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Mikael Jakobsson and Sara Verrilli Introduction to Game Design Methods Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Cognitive, intellectual and knowledge skills

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