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Competence Component v2

This component is an update and integration of the Competence Assessment and Competence-based Adaptation Component and allows to assess competences and recommend game situations.

Short non-technical description: This component allows to assess competences of a player during the game play and to recommend meaningful game situations. It is based on a competence model that includes prerequisite relations between competences and relations between game situations and competences. If a player plays a game, the result success of individual game situations are monitored and used for assessment. Based on the assessment, next meaningful game situations are recommended.

Technical description:

In principle, the component has a simple API for assessment and recommendation.

First, each time a player completes a game situation, this information is sent to the component via the udpate function:

  • updateGamesituation (string gamesituation, bool success, float quality = 1.0f)

Second, the component can be asked which game situation should be presented next:

  • getGamesituationRecommendation(int quantity=1)

In order to get the current competence state, the value of all competences can be asked:

  • getCompetenceValues ()

Details can be found n the API documentation.

Language: English

Access URL:





Game development environment: Unity

Target platform: Windows

Programming language: C#

Version: 1.0

Version notes: pre-final version

Development status: Under Development

Type: Apache 2.0 (Apache License 2.0)


Education E-learning

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