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Games of Active Life

Games Of Active Life (GOAL) is the wellness app that helps you maintain a balanced and active lifestyle, pursuing physical, social and cognitive activity. GOAL facilitates your behavioral change through numerous apps that together contribute to balanced active living. GOAL introduces awards that can be earned upon reaching goals or fulfilling tasks and can be redeemed in other apps of the GOAL ecosystem.

As an achiever, you are looking for a behavior change and you want to stay active. You are also interested to have a motivational agent next to you, wherever you go. What about having some fun too and get compensated with a virtual coin that gives you access to apps and services?

Have you been playing Sudoku or other puzzle games? Have you been trying to jog your memory with memory-based cognitive games? If yes, have you thought of keeping track of your progress in all these games in a unified way? How about a single award system across them all? This is where GOAL comes into play. Based on your profile, the GOAL system acts as a personal digital Coach: it motivates you into serious gaming for exercising your brain, keeps track of your performance and awards you in GOAL Coins, a single currency across all games.

Have you ever been stuck in a Sudoku game trying to solve one of the higher difficulty levels? How about getting out of deadlocks in all these games? This is one of the reasons you might want to spend your accumulated GOAL Coins.

Are you also playing games for fun, apart from keeping your mind fit? Do you have a favorite empire or city building social game? Well, GOAL Coins can help you there as well! Spend some to get instant access to this building that takes forever to build. Yes, spend GOAL Coins, not money!

Apart from your mind, you should be exercising your body. Do you go out for walks? Do you use a pedometer on your phone, or an activity band to count your steps? These apps reward you with badges and community recognition, but now you can quantify these rewards into earned GOAL Coins! Indeed, do some physical activity and get GOAL Coins to spend in your games!

Did you try fitness applications and find them not suitable or too difficult for you? GOAL Coins are awarded for physical activity in consultation with your personal digital Coach. The Coach considers you and your past achievements to set your personalized goals that dictate how physical activity turns into GOAL Coins. Personalized motivations urge you towards a physically healthier lifestyle!

Are you going for walks or play online with your friends? How about setting your own challenges for them, on top of those the Coach sets? The GOAL system features the Social Marketplace where you can set challenges for others, find challenges others set, and try to fulfill them. These challenges can involve successes in any game, or physical activity feats. They can also involve real small things in your life: have a friend bring over the newspaper, or a grandson visit you. Are your grandchildren not exercising enough? You can create contests for them or any group of people, and award the winner with some of your GOAL Coins!

As a supporter, you like games and fun, while you help people in their behavioral change! GOAL platform is the place for you.

Try GOAL for free, allowing it to coach you and those you care about into a healthier cognitive, physical and social lifestyle!

Language: English

Download: goal-release-151.apk





Version: 1.51

Version notes: WHAT’S NEW Splash screen Updated menus Handle bugs when activity plots have no activity to show

Development status: Completed

Type: Apache 2.0 (Apache License 2.0)


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