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Natural Language Processing with ReaderBench


Lesson 1. Introduction in Natural Language Processing (NLP)
This lesson introduces basic concepts of Natural Language Processing (NLP) required for implementing e-learning mechanisms in specific learning activities. The lesson describes multiple AI centered approaches in the NLP field.

Lesson 2. The ReaderBench Framework
This lesson describes ReaderBench, a multi-lingual advanced NLP processing framework. Examples of incorporated services are provided, followed by explanations of sematic mechanisms from behind the scenes.

Lesson 3. Examples of Serious Games developed with ReaderBench
This lesson shows examples of serious games developed with the help of the ReaderBench framework. Multiple games were developed having in mind three directions: vocabulary acquisition, comprehension assessment, and collaboration evaluation.

Lesson 4. The ReaderBench API
This lesson presents the ReaderBench API which provides multiple NLP services as REST endpoints. Each endpoint developed within the RAGE project is explained in detail – i.e., how it can be used, what data is required and what are the corresponding results.




Serious Games

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